Subtleties - Stefan Janoski

Style. Style. Style. Stefan makes this look too easy and has the most carefree attitude when on a board. Also he is a fellow Sacramento native. Go buy his shoe.

Not a video part but something to enjoy while I search for Torey’s part in the new Transworld video “Hallelujah”. Good times and good skating, that’s what makes a video good right? Plus Torey kills.

Really Sorry - Bastien Salabanzi

I remember watching this video and saying “Damn, this kid is going to only getting better”, and I was right. After a long hiatus from the American skate scene, Bastien recently returned at the Maloof Money Cup. He is a truly a hero of mine not just because he can through a full-cab flip down any size set like it’s nothing, but because he skate not because of the pay check and the fame, but because it’s a way of life.

From Flip’s 'Really Sorry'

Trio - Chad Tim Tim

Strickly steez. Super clean style and an all time favorite of mine, I have always wanted to skate like Tim Tim does. Also a fun little intro to the video, I am stuck in the situation all too often. Having stuff to do and all you want to do is just go skate.

From Element’s 'Trio'

Am Chowder - Shane O’neill

With his pro part coming out tomorrow on The Berrics, I thought I would re-vist Shane’s Am part for Skate Mental. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store if this is just a the start and he’s still got more up his sleeve.

From Skate Mental’s 'Am Chowder'

Mindfield - Arto Saari

I’ve always been a big fan of Arto since he’s joint part with Tom Penny in Flip’s ‘Sorry’, but when he jumped on the AWS team and put out this part, he went all out. Not afraid of a slam, Saari goes BIG. Best thing to come out of Finland.

From AWS’s 'Mindfield'

Baker 3 - Bryan Herman

I remeber when Baker 3 came out, I was so excited to see The Boss’ part. But after Andrew Reynold’s part in the video, which I was sure was the final curtains, this kid I had never heard of before; Bryan Herman comes on screen effortly throws a hardflip down a thirteen set. Damn.

From Bakers 'Baker 3'

Video Days - Mark Gonzales

The Gonz’s part in the original Blind video (possibly the greatest video of all time) always makes me want to just go and skate. This is what skateboarding is suppose to be, a positive outlet of expression. A true art-form. The Gonz is and always will be the king of street skating.

From Blind’s 'Video Days'

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